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Wordloops is a virtual club for creative writing. Eliminate distractions, build a habit, craft better stories, and finish your work. All in a fun, online world that feels like your favorite coffee shop.

We help you get your writing done, every day!
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30 minutes of writing every day can produce a short story each month or a book every year.

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Showing up is half the battle.

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“Wordloops gives me a kick in the pants, to get me to the seat for some writing. I live in a small city where it's hard to find like-minded writers, but here I'm connected to a great community online, in a fun and relaxed virtual setting.”
Eric Pierce
“As an independent freelance writer, I struggled to find a sense of community during my working hours. With Wordloops, I can write anywhere, equipped with their network of helpful resources and like-minded creatives. And writer's block? I barely know her anymore.”
Aimee Rizzo
Food and wine writer
“My biggest problem is getting distracted, especially in this particular iteration of the world. Meeting up with people virtually helps a ton with staying focused. I'm a lot less likely to jump up and get a bowl of corn chips.”
Melissa Lux
Founders' LETTER

Why Wordloops?

We're writers ourselves. Jay writes short stories and Scott's working on a screenplay about gaming. Some of the biggest problems we've faced throughout our writing journey are motivation, consistency, accountability, and prioritizing time to write. It's also hard to meet writers who share similar interests and can act as a friendly, supportive, and thoughtful audience. ​

We're building Wordloops to solve these problems.

J. R. R. Tolkien would have likely abandoned the Lord of the Rings in its earliest stages, if not for the encouragement he found within the Inklings, his regular writing group. There's something powerful about writing surrounded by other writers, and we're inspired to carry that energy forward using the best modern technology.

We'd love your feedback - just click 'Contact' below and shoot us an email. Hope to see you at a Wordloops session soon!

Excelsior, ​The Brothers Rosenkrantz (Jay and Scott)