Founders' LETTER

Why Wordloops?

We're writers ourselves. Jay writes short stories and Scott's working on a screenplay about gaming. Some of the biggest problems we've faced throughout our writing journey are motivation, consistency, accountability, and prioritizing time to write. It's also hard to meet writers who share similar interests and can act as a friendly, supportive, and thoughtful audience. ​

We're building Wordloops to solve these problems.

J. R. R. Tolkien would have likely abandoned the Lord of the Rings in its earliest stages, if not for the encouragement he found within the Inklings, his regular writing group. There's something powerful about writing surrounded by other writers, and we're inspired to carry that energy forward using the best modern technology.

We'd love your feedback - just click 'Contact' below and shoot us an email. Hope to see you at a Wordloops session soon!

Excelsior, ​The Brothers Rosenkrantz (Jay and Scott)